Frequently Asked Questions

• Budget? 

Any budget can be accommodated. My products and services are offered within three different pricing structures:
Boutique: Offers ready-made price points and big box shopping possibilities.
Studio: Offers direct access to wholesale manufacturers in all product categories, offering maximum luxury at exceptional value.
Showroom: For those who want the most extravagant and luxurious;  Options abound.  My clients enjoy access to any and all Interior Design Showrooms.

• Fees? 

Fees range from $75 - $125 per hour depending on travel time.
In office, studio time is billed at ½ the pre-determined hourly rate.
Shopping is billed at ¾ the agreed upon hourly charge.

• What geographical areas do you cover?

A comfortable travel distance is within 60 miles of my studio in Highland Mills.  This covers all of Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Westchester and Ulster Counties in New York.  This travel distance allows me to be efficient for my clients.

• Do I need to throw everything out?

Quite the contrary… the first rule of thumb is to not get rid of anything prior to your complimentary consultation.  Often I find items in my client’s homes, which when moved or rejuvenated, take on new life.

• What if I do not like the end product? 

Not a possibility.  I provide a collaborative effort with and for my clients.  I take every opportunity to learn and listen to what you want and need.  You are given choices and shown possibilities and solutions.  This way we are guaranteed to make the correct choices  which will provide you with years of pleasure and service.

• Are you insured?


• Do you have access to contractors and craftsmen? 

I have the pleasure of working with the finest support professionals available.  Rooms painted, re-upholstery done... whatever your needs, we fulfill them to your highest expectations.